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BEEF 13 March 2020 | While control of classical BSE is currently very strong, there is a significant cost to maintaining that control. “Where we’re at right now is that the main way of managing specified risk materials (SRMs) is burying it in landfills, but that carries its own risks,” says Keough. “The alternative is to incin- erate at very high temperatures. That’s what Cargill does, but they have some difficulty attaining the temperatures needed in a regular way. Keeping [SRMs] out of the feed and food chain is a real financial drag to the industry.” Keough hopes that could change soon, thanks to new research funded by APRI. “We are funding folks to work on alternative uses for SRMs, which could make a big financial impact to the beef industry. We’ve got some real progress: a couple have been found so far, but they haven’t yet gotten to the state where they would attract enough venture capital to pursue them further.” One such use is a version of a hard bio-plastic that could be used in applications like vehicle seats. Another is a dispersal agent that could be added to oilsands holding ponds to make the contained liquid easy to process. A third, again for use in oilsands, is a flocculant which would make molecules stick together for easier processing. Alberta’s government created the Alberta Prion Research continued on page 14 PUT YOUR HERD ON SOLID FOOTING! with a “Deer Range” bull We will put the soundness of our herd against any in the country. Multiple trait selection for over 25 years. March 23, 2020 HEARTLAND LIVESTOCK, SWIFT CURRENT,SK DEER RANGE FARMS LTD Gordon Olson 306-773-7964 Brent Eliason 306-773-9109 Travis Olson 306-773-9872 40 Rugged 2yr old Red Angus and 10 yearling Simmental Bulls Trendsetter Bull & Replacement Heifer Sale SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 2020 AT THE RANCH SCCA 60G Located 20 minutes South/West of Hanna , Alberta Red Angus SCCA 50G Red Angus Offering: 40 Red & Black Purebred Angus Bulls 4 Red & Black Simmental/Angus Crossbred Bulls 50 Red & Black Purebred & Simmental/Angus Crossbred Replacement Heifers Blake Morton - 403-820-4162 Darcy Olesky - 403-820-1830 Alisha Minchau ( Herdsman ) - 403-857-9563 Home - 403-665-2023 Pride in the Pursuit of Excellence SCCA 3G Black Angus SCCA 93W Angus/Simmental Cross shilohcattle @ Visit us on FACEBOOK