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THE mark of any good relationship is trust. It's earned and not be to taken for granted. Alberta Beef Magazine has earned the trust of thousands of Alberta's top beef producers simply by being involved with the community, month after month, year after year. For over 13 years our staff has travelled the gravel roads that link our beef communities. They've walked in and amongst many herds with their owners, attended countless shows, sales, meetings and brandings. The sum of this experience is a connection we share with the beef community. Matched by no other publication, this relationship is the benefit we bring to our advertising customers.

PUTTING hard numbers to this claim is realized from the tri-annual readership surveys conducted over the years by independent marketing firms. For instance, the 2000 and 2003* survey response rate (mail) was an impressive 48 percent and 50 percent return respectively. The incentive offer for both surveys (one year subscription) was minimal. This above industry standard response rate, spoke volumes in saying our readers care about Alberta Beef Magazine. So much so they were willing to complete the survey consisting of over 45 questions.

ANOTHER point, were two survey questions -What beef publication is the most comprehensive and what publication is the most regularly read in your home? Out of some 70 plus North American publications named, almost 60 percent of producers ranked us number one on both questions. The next closest was the national beef publication (Canadian) at 15 percent.

WITH nearly a four to one ratio choosing Alberta Beef Magazine over all others it's no wonder why 90% said they have responded to advertising carried in our pages. Why not be part of the 90% advertising success rate?

*International Results Group - Accuracy: +/- 2.5%, 19 times out of 20


Alberta Beef Magazine
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