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Don't gamble our future away

Sheri Monk

Canada left Sochi with an impressive amount of medals, beating even Uncle Sam in the gold and silver count. What we didn’t beat them at was the bronze category – in medals or coins. 


Standing the test of time

I recently heard an interview that pondered the future of radio with the advent of the internet. The internet was named as the major game changer of traditional modes of communication years ago starting with print media. It certainly has

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All aboard Uncle Sam’s crazy train

Cliven Bundy sounds like a name belonging to the star of some backwoods horror flick, but in fact, the name belongs to a very real man starring in a very scary reality show. Bundy, a cattle rancher in Nevada, managed

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Irony in eating

Irony is a multidimensional word describing the incongruity between what actually happens and what might be expected to happen and this disparity often seems absurd or laughable. It’s fodder for jokes, poems, song and just plain everyday situations that go

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Home on the range

Alberta’s government is updating its licence plate – a step I figured might come after the results of the last election. After all, the bottom of the plate says, “wild rose country”. There’s a survey to see which licence plate

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No man’s land

Hunting season is upon us again. For some of you, it’s a great time of year because you finally have the chance to get some nuisance animals away from your haystacks. For others, it can be an aggravating time if

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Use it or lose it

My research for the article I wrote last month on the labour situation was a real eye-opener for me. In fact, I think that in an indirect way, it’s the biggest threat to the meat and livestock industry in western

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