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The Glass House

Garth McClintock

It’s ironic that even as a vast majority of the population becomes increasingly disconnected with how livestock production actually works, people are becoming more interested in the ethics involved.


Branding comes in many

Do you tweet? Do you have a blog – read a blog?  Are you on Facebook? What is your Instagram or hashtag i.d.?  The conversation in today’s society has gone from the spoken word and the handwritten word – to

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Canada’s bacon and eggs, part 1

Animal rights activism is alive and well in Canada as evidenced by more secret undercover video that was recently released to the public and the media. The egg-laying industry and the pork business have both been targeted in Canada by

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Advocating through social media

On a fifth generation family farm in central Kansas, with 1,000 acres of crop land and a 1,400 capacity feedlot, Greg Peterson at 22, and his two younger brothers Nathan and Kendal, have become a Facebook and YouTube favorite. They

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Ranchers worry about sage grouse

In December 2013, when the Government of Canada issued an emergency order to protect the sage grouse under the Species at Risk Act, the ramifications took many by surprise. Yet the Emergency Order comes into effect on February 18, 2014.

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