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The Glass House

Garth McClintock

It’s ironic that even as a vast majority of the population becomes increasingly disconnected with how livestock production actually works, people are becoming more interested in the ethics involved.


The best science goes both ways

Late last year, it was discovered that a scary superbug gene has now been found in Canada, from two ground beef samples and an E. coli culture from an infected patient. I know the word “super” is thrown around a

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UHF tags moving along in a low frequency pace

For years, we’ve heard about how much better the easily readable, fully writable ultra-high frequency (UHF) livestock RFID ear tags are compared to the current low-frequency industry standard. If you are asking, ‘If they are so great, where the heck

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The charter of animal rights?

Just before Christmas last year, Dean Cresswell took his dogs for a quick walk in an empty field beside a Canadian Tire in Windsor, Ontario. Halfway through the field, he chanced on a gruesome find: a small brown dog, its

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