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Westman Farms

Lee Gunderson

Westman Farms had its beginning in 1926 when Doug and Murray Westman’s grandparents John Batke farmed the location where Westman Farms currently stands.


Alberta’s new ag minister

No one expects to get an early Saturday morning phone call from a member of the provincial cabinet, but Evan Berger, Alberta’s new agriculture minister called to do an interview before heading out to finish harvesting his canola.

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Cameron Olson

When Cameron Olson was nine years-old his family moved southeast of Calgary to Rockyview County to his grandparent’s farm.

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TK Ranches a legacy of ideas

More than 50 years ago, Tom and Mary (Hallet) Biggs claimed a piece of grass land south of Coronation and north east of Hanna and called it TK Ranches. There, they learned how to encourage a living from the endangered

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Rafter T Ranch

Everyone in eastern Alberta knows Tom Osadczuk and his sons Dan, Mark and Justin and daughter Gina. Why Tom even went to school with Happy Campbell’s kids.

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