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The Glass House

Garth McClintock

It’s ironic that even as a vast majority of the population becomes increasingly disconnected with how livestock production actually works, people are becoming more interested in the ethics involved.


Precision farming

New technology always seems to start out looking like more trouble than it’s worth –remember the time and effort early zero-tillers put into building and fixing their own seeding equipment? Precision farming, except for guidance, seems to have been stuck

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Ag industry to be swept into labour legislation

Lori Sigurdson, Alberta’s new labour minister, announced recently that Alberta’s agriculture industry should expect to be included in workplace safety legislation – but the extent of the changes are not yet known. The news isn’t really news – the industry

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Is check-off on the NDP’s checklist?

It was only a few years ago when drama over check-off dollars spilled over into every aspect of the Alberta cattle business. Organizations such as the Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association (ACFA) and the Western Stock Growers’ Association fought to make

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Saskatchewan changing farm ownership laws

Food security is an area of increasing importance for many nations in light of concerns over fresh water availability, arable land, burgeoning populations and climate change – and that has caused the land market to heat up on a global

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Living laboratory tracks disease, production issues

A new monitoring system is providing scientists and veterinarians with information on production and animal health issues and priorities across western Canada’s cow-calf industry.  It’s a network of cattle producers from various parts of the prairie provinces who have agreed

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