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The Glass House

Garth McClintock

It’s ironic that even as a vast majority of the population becomes increasingly disconnected with how livestock production actually works, people are becoming more interested in the ethics involved.


Checking in on the check-off

Just a few years into the refundable check-off in Alberta, who’s winning? Some are concerned in the long run, there’s a lot to lose. It was a tumultuous time for producers in Alberta, with aftershocks the nation’s cattle industry felt

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Horse meat in the spotlight

The slaughter of horses is among the most controversial of agricultural debates. Those who support it argue equine slaughter is not only legal, regulated and humane, but a necessary way to manage excess horses and keep the horse industry healthy.

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Agriteam Canada – a catalyst for change

In 1986, Calgarian Robert Francis opened the doors of a new business which, more than 25 years later, is a recognized facilitator for change around the world. Very early on, two Agriteam Canada offices emerged. One located in Calgary, and

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Food for thought

Who doesn’t like eating food, talking about food, or planning the next food outing? If you answered yes, to any of these – then you are a foodie. But the dialogue around food has changed in the last few years.

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