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March versus June calving

The decision to change a production practice on your farm can be a difficult one without the certainty of how it will impact the bottom line.

Custom feeding cows this winter

“Cow/calf operators are looking farther afield this year for their forage supplies,” says Ted Nibourg, business management specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “With the high cost of forage and the cost of trucking, it may make sense to

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Stock density

Holistic Management is a decision-making process. “The Power of Stock Density” comes from the combination of using four tools (animal impact, grazing, technology, and rest). Proper planned use of these tools can result in moving toward your holisticgoal. This three-part

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A day in the life of making history with Lowline

One and a half years ago, three individuals from England looked at importing live Lowline cattle from New Zealand to England. Because of testing requirements for the two countries, the transaction was not possible. The buyers then looked to Canada

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Speckle Park – Oh, Canada!

“We are Canadian!” What has “being Canadian” contributed to the Speckle Park success story? As everyone knows the beef industry in Canada is experiencing difficult times and Speckle Park are no exception. But how did this new breed flourish under

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Speckle Park looking to the future

As a new breed, Speckle Park have the opportunity to set up their registry and requirements using all the regulations and new technologies to ensure the breed as a whole maintains its integrity and genetic health. The association has worked

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Speckle Park Australian connection

For more than 30 years, Australian cattleman Greg Ebbeck has been splitting his time between Australia and North America and has imported Canadian polled Hereford genetics in the form of semen, embryos and live cattle since 1984. But in the

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Are we prepared?

“It’s not a question of if; it’s a question of when,” says Dr. Larry Delver. Whether you’re a grower of food, a processor or marketer of food, or just someone who enjoys eating it, that one short sentence should make

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Effects of calves’ disposition in the feedlot

Anything that affects a calf’s profitability is worth noting and according to an ongoing study conducted at 18 Iowa feedlots fed through the Iowa Tri- County Steer Carcass Futurity (TCSCF), various disposition traits affect the bottom line. Using a Beef

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Feed efficiency research for the beef cow

Much of the discussion regarding feed efficiency has always centered on the feedlot animal while ignoring the fact that roughly 70 percent of the production costs in a beef cattle herd go towards feed-related costs of the cows. Seventy percent

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Fenceline Weaning

Studies have shown that when cows and calves are fenceline weaned, (cows and calves on opposite sides of the fence – and can see each other), they are less distressed compared with remote weaning. According to Clyde Lane, Jr., Professor,

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Set yourself up for success with grassers

The potential of intensive grazing in pounds of beef and soil and pasture improvement as well as cash returns have been touted wherever there are grazing animals, but it’s still not the norm. One of the challenges is getting cattle

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