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SRM removal costs

Gabe McClintock

Canadian beef producers have experienced many challenges the past few years. They have tackled drought, COVID-19 related bottlenecks, inflation, supply chain breakdowns and global instability.


A Well Laid Plan By Ebony Verbonac

Nothing is certain except death and taxes, or least that’s how the popular saying goes. Taxes after death is a reality that many people do not like to discuss, and as a result many opportunities to reduce those taxes often

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Where was the real campaign ag policy?

Due do our publishing schedule by the time you receive this edition of Alberta Beef Magazine the provincial election will be over. The result was either a continuation of the 44 year dynastic rule of the PC party, or a

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Exodus of America’s wild west

It appears that spring is here to stay, and though I know this past winter wasn’t one for the record books, it sure seemed long to me. I recently took a much-needed vacation to a couple of my favourite rattlesnake

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New political reality for cattle industry

…lobbying strategy will have to start over   The surprise election of an NDP government in Alberta has caused considerable apprehension in the cattle industry – and that’s putting it mildly. Although there have been a few bumps there has

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