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Don't gamble our future away

Sheri Monk

Canada left Sochi with an impressive amount of medals, beating even Uncle Sam in the gold and silver count. What we didn’t beat them at was the bronze category – in medals or coins. 


Ebony Verbonac

We all want to make sure our children have an amazing future. From the time you first hold that little baby in your arms, your priorities in life change.  You want your child to be happy, healthy, safe, and successful.

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Active tax planning for passive income

Do you remember what you were doing in the summer of 2017?  More importantly, do you remember rumblings about how the government was going to change how passive income was taxed?   Sure, you may have seen a headline or two

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Forbidden ground

Have you ever been told that you should own your farmland personally and never, ever, under any circumstances, put it into a corporation?  Have you ever wondered why? The simple answer is that  it’s generally easier to sell the land

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