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SRM removal costs

Gabe McClintock

Canadian beef producers have experienced many challenges the past few years. They have tackled drought, COVID-19 related bottlenecks, inflation, supply chain breakdowns and global instability.


A&W doesn’t sell beef … it sells an illusion

It’s been said that organic foods are the biggest consumer scam ever perpetrated on a gullible public. Consumers, through crafty marketing innuendo, have come to believe that anything labelled organic is safer and healthier. I am sure some naïve consumers

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Truth or fiction

Outside of marketing/advertising industry award ceremonies, many advertisements aired garner little attention outside of delivering the message. Some however stand out above informing an audience. One such campaign is the A & W’s hamburger promotion (see Will Verbovens column for

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Whoever said the more things change, the more they stay the same, hit the nail on the head – in the context of politicians selling “change.” Mr. Trudeau sold [some] Canadians on voting Liberal based on a large extent, this

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