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SRM removal costs

Gabe McClintock

Canadian beef producers have experienced many challenges the past few years. They have tackled drought, COVID-19 related bottlenecks, inflation, supply chain breakdowns and global instability.


Just rambling out the year

As we count down to Christmas and the end of 2015 it’s fair to say this year was overall a pretty good year. Apart from distractions like, beef bashing research, weather, land lease reviews, a new government, trade issues, looming

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Misguided thinking

This past summer in the Washington D.C. area there was a conference entitled, National Animal Rights Conference, the name of which says it all. With over 1500 delegates from 47 U.S. states and 22 countries attending including some from Canada,

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Grazing system choices impact soil health

Did you know that your choice of grazing systems for your pasture has a huge impact on soil health and productivity?  In fact, even the choices you make within your chosen grazing system will have on soil health and pasture

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Planes, trains and automobiles

Here we go….2016…hoping it’s a happy, healthy and prosperous year for everyone. Best wishes, but as we all know in reality, it’s not simply a perfect world where only good prevails. Without sounding philosophical, the fact is contrary to the

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The best science goes both ways

Late last year, it was discovered that a scary superbug gene has now been found in Canada, from two ground beef samples and an E. coli culture from an infected patient. I know the word “super” is thrown around a

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Isn’t it ironic

Alanis Morissette, a successful singer/song writer is your typical born and raised Canadian artist who had to go stateside to make it big. Why I mention her at all is because of two different positive news stories (one new, one

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